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2019 Overwintered and Spring nucs
With over 50 years beekeeping experience in the Capital Region, we run
approximately 150 hives, most on organic farms and none on farms using
pesticides. We don’t stress our bees by moving for pollination and
all nucs are made from hives that have wintered successfully. We
mostly use organic methods to control varroa, do not use antibiotics
prophylactically, and have not seen disease in over 20 years.
All nucs have five fully drawn frames. At least three frames
containing brood of all stages, one frame of honey and pollen, and the
fifth frame also containing some brood and some honey and pollen.
Overwintered nucs are available in April for $220, spring nucs
available in May for $180. $50 deposit required but fully refundable
on cancellations before April 1. References available.
Send checks to Lloyd Spear, 336 Loudon Road, Albany NY 12211. Call or
text 518.573.8246 or email Visit us on Facebook at
Lloyd Spear, Beekeeper.

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