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From the President…

Who would think that we are closing in on another beekeeping season. After a cold and wet Spring the season took off in June with nectar flows catching many off guard and scampering to get additional supers before hives became honey bound and swarmed. Beekeeping requires being prepared for the unexpected and having adequate equipment on hand and the upcoming off season is a good time to get that additional equipment and get it ready for the next season. September is also a good time to start getting your hives ready for winter –and what does that mean. First and foremost is to get Varroa Mites under control –less than 3 phoretic mites per 100 bees. That may mean a treatment now (Formic Pro) and then another in late October (oxalic acid). Healthy bees with low mite counts and adequate food stores are a key to successful Winter survival. Also in September make sure you put on your mouse guards and that your bear fences are working properly.

Also, I would like to thank David Wood and Dan Gordan for coordinating the SABA booths at the Saratoga & Washington County Fairs again this year. And I would also like to thank all the SABA members who volunteered to work at the booths or sold honey there. The Fairs are a way to give SABA exposure to the public and get the word out about bees and beekeeping. As a club, we should be doing more of this whenever the opportunity arises. If you would like to get involved let the Board know. I would like to mention our upcoming meetings that will close out 2019.  Our October 21stmeeting is our annual pot-luck supper (bring a side dish or dessert –SABA provides the turkey & ham) along with the announcing of the 2019 Young Beekeeping Awards and presentations from the 2018 award winners. (If you know of any young person who may be interested in beekeeping, have them complete and submit an appli-cation for consideration.) Our November 18th meeting will have Maryann Frazier from Penn State University talking about her travels to Africa to study and work with African bees and beekeepers. On an additional note, SABA does not have a general members’ meeting in December due to the Holiday Seasons. Lastly, as we close out 2019, the SABA Board has started planning for 2020. If you have suggestions for meeting topics and or speakers please let us know.If you think we should be doing other things as an organization let us know as well. With over 400 plus members, SABA should be as vibrant a beekeeping organization as any out there.

Bloom Dates – The bloom dates for selected local flowering plants has been added (thank you, Anne Frey and Fred Ludewig, for sharing this!).

SABA Education Scholarship Fund – The Education Scholarship Fund is designated for SABA members in good standing who seek assistance with costs related to beekeeper education and training and are willing to share what they have learned with SABA. Click here for more information.

Note from the SABA Webmaster – If you have Calendar items that you feel would be of interest to our members, or have ideas for additional features that you would like to see added to the web site, please contact