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2019 Annual Seminar Registration is Now Open!

Registration is now FULL for the 2019 Beginner Beekeeper Classes.

At the Seminar, Michael Bush will offer suggestions on practical apiary management. Kim Skyrm will talk on inspection procedures, and bee kill investigations. Anthony Nearman will talk on the causes of bee losses, and bee physiology/colony health.

Vendors this year will include: Betterbee, Mann Lake, NY bee Wellness, Vermont Quilt Bee, Beacon Bee and others.

Beeline Newsletter – The November 2018 issue is now available!

Special Note: The SABA Library is missing a number of items that have been borrowed over recent years but not returned, or are otherwise unaccounted for. Please check your beekeeping reference materials at home to see if you may have a SABA item that you’ve forgotten to return, and bring it to the next meeting. Thank you!

Bloom Dates – The bloom dates for selected local flowering plants has been added (thank you, Anne Frey and Fred Ludewig, for sharing this!).

SABA Education Scholarship Fund – The Education Scholarship Fund is designated for SABA members in good standing who seek assistance with costs related to beekeeper education and training and are willing to share what they have learned with SABA. Click here for more information.

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